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The Home of Bakestone


                    MORE SLICES

                                          BETTER VALUE

We are proud to introduce to you our brand new recipe Long Loaf Bakestone sliced bread range . Since being launched Bakestone has already become one of the recognised brands in local convenience stores through our region.

We invite you to taste the luxury of a slice of Bakestone Bread.  Baked using the finest ingredients and no artificial preservatives, Bakestone is second-to-none.

Bakestone Premium Bread has been created specifically to sell to the premium range of bread product market

 Here are some facts you may not be aware of:-

  • Available in three different varieties - White, Brown and Wholemeal, also available in Thick and Medium for each variety.  Plus the new addition of Extra Thick White, and Mega Thick White.
  • Our bread arrives fresh to shops daily within 18 hours of baking.
  • Our Medium varieties now hold 24 slices and 2 crusts whilst our Thick has 20 slices and 2  crusts.  The Extra thick has 17 slices and 2 crusts whilst the Mega thick has 14 slices and 2 crusts.  If you are a caterer and price per slice is important to you, then this brand is the correct choice, give us a call.
  • The square shape also makes it ideal for sandwich makers.
  • Bakestone Premium bread has a long shelf life of 5 days.   

This Bread is exclusive to Coultons Bread Ltd, phone our sales team for more information, details on the Contact Us page or look on our web sites at our main site Bakestone/happy bread / quayside / coultons.

Are you looking for your regional distributor? Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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        Premium    Morning Goods
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We are a trading partner of Savewell, NFRN Direct, NFSP Extra Save and Smash'n Savers.