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Festive fruited goods for the Christmas season

As Christmas approaches, cafes, restaurants and hotels around the country will be gearing up for the festive season. With more people treating themselves to meals out as they celebrate the upcoming holidays, businesses need to ensure that they are well stocked up and ready to meet the increased demand. This will of course need to include a steady supply of bread and other baked items, from crusty rolls to dip in hot soup, to toast and crumpets at breakfast time. As a leading bakery supply specialist, this is just what we can offer. Continue reading “Festive fruited goods for the Christmas season” »

Regular deliveries can bring major benefits

Convenience shops need a flexible supplier if they are to meet the needs of their customers effectively. The size of many shops makes it impossible to store a huge volume of goods, so regular deliveries are likely to be necessary to maintain stock levels. This can prove to be a risk if you don’t choose reliable suppliers who will deliver on time whenever you place an order. However, it can also be an advantage, with more space freed up and less risk of waste. Continue reading “Regular deliveries can bring major benefits” »

Tips to keep your bread in top condition

Bread is in its prime the moment it leaves the oven, but it begins to lose moisture as soon as it is exposed to the air. Along with crystallisation of the starch molecules, this results in bread becoming stale. We want our clients and their customers to get the most out of their bread products and baked goods, so here are a few tips to help keep your bread fresh for longer. Continue reading “Tips to keep your bread in top condition” »

Serve up sumptuous French toast from stale bread

French toast is enjoyed around the world but here in the UK the toasted breakfast treat is more lovingly known as “eggy bread”. It has been a firm favourite for a long time and can be enjoyed in many ways. Some people love to sweeten it up with a side of fruit and syrups, whereas others stick to a savoury accompaniment of a dollop of red or brown sauce. ¬† Continue reading “Serve up sumptuous French toast from stale bread” »

The perfect number of slices

Bread is a staple of diets in countries around the world because it is cheap to make, versatile, tastt and packed with essential nutrients. The importance of bread means it is often produced in huge volumes to meet demand. However, this also leads to it being one of the most frequently wasted foods because people tend to buy more than they need to ensure they don’t run out. Continue reading “The perfect number of slices” »

Ways to use up leftover baked goods

As the specialists in bakery and bread supply in Carlisle and throughout the North West, we’re passionate about bread and we want to make sure that everyone gets the full benefit of our products. Many of us buy too much bread and are unable to use it all up before the use by date, but bread still makes a fantastic ingredient even when it is past its best. Here are some great ideas for ways to use up those leftover baked goods. Continue reading “Ways to use up leftover baked goods” »

The bread roll resumes its role as lunchtime favourite

In recent years the UK has seen a growth of upmarket coffee houses and bistros offering a range of different snacks such as tortilla wraps and ciabatta. This led to a slight decline in the demand for old favourites like the bread roll, but recent figures have shown a significant increase in the sale of rolls as consumer demand has risen by 20% in the last year. Continue reading “The bread roll resumes its role as lunchtime favourite” »

Tips for freezing your bread

Consumers in the UK tend to overestimate when buying bread to ensure that they don’t run out. This buying behaviour can create problems¬† and result in higher wastage, especially if people aren’t storing products properly. Bread can be frozen before the best before date and be kept for up to six months rather than being thrown out. Instead of throwing the rest of the loaf away that you aren’t going to finish in the next few days, why not save it in the freezer? Continue reading “Tips for freezing your bread” »