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Many companies feel that they have little choice but to use the most dominant names in the market for their business supply services, but we’re here as proof that this is not the case. For close to 30 years now we have been bread suppliers and wholesale bakers to businesses across Wales and the North West of England, focusing on the local region so we can continue to offer the highest quality services. Our performance and professionalism has contributed towards our outstanding reputation, and we give you the opportunity to choose from major nationwide names or smaller local bakers.

When it comes to appointing bread suppliers, it’s crucial to have the assurance of regular service. You and your customers depend on fresh, high quality bread being delivered on time every time. This is where we have the advantage over large, nationwide or international companies. Rather than focusing on general performance indicators, which can result in small numbers of customers being let down as “acceptable statistics”, we focus on the individual needs of our clients and provide a timely and focused delivery service every time.

The whole team here are focused on getting your wholesale bakers products to you, fresh and at the best time we can arrange to meet your own requirements for delivery. From early morning deliveries of fresh breakfast products to afternoon deliveries for the dinner service, we can provide exactly what you require at a time that suits you, and as we stick to our region you can always rest assured the products haven’t had to travel too far to get to you. Whilst others might claim that they always try to provide a professional service with the personal touch, we let our service speak for itself.

No matter what kind of frequency, volume or delivery time you require, we’ll meet with you and set up a system that reaches your expectations. To us you are not simply a statistic to monitor our own performance by; each business we work with is important to us and we strive to meet the highest standards as wholesale bakers and bread suppliers.