Festive fruited goods for the Christmas season

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As Christmas approaches, cafes, restaurants and hotels around the country will be gearing up for the festive season. With more people treating themselves to meals out as they celebrate the upcoming holidays, businesses need to ensure that they are well stocked up and ready to meet the increased demand. This will of course need to include a steady supply of bread and other baked items, from crusty rolls to dip in hot soup, to toast and crumpets at breakfast time. As a leading bakery supply specialist, this is just what we can offer.

With our efficient service for bread supply in Carlisle and throughout the surrounding regions, we work with many different businesses and organisations to ensure they always have the fresh items they need. This includes cafes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, shops, schools, and anyone else who needs to keep customers, students or visitors happy and well fed.

Cakes and fruit breads are always in high demand at Christmas as people want to enjoy the festive flavours and comforting aromas of warm, spiced and fruited baked goods. We can offer a variety of delicious fruited goods including teacakes, hot cross buns and fruit loaf, alongside a wide range of other sweet treats. Whether eaten at their hotel breakfast or accompanying a hot drink in the afternoon, these delicious products are sure to get your customers in the Christmas mood.

Alongside our fruited products, we also offer a diverse selection of other breads and baked items, all made from high quality ingredients and offering the ultimate in freshness and flavour. If you would like to find out how we can keep your business supplied with the bread, cakes, buns, rolls, morning goods and baked treats your customers expect, get in touch and we will work out a bespoke delivery plan to suit your needs and schedule.