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With more people focusing on healthier living these days, there has been a growing demand for more nutritious options when dining out. Whether people are enjoying an evening meal or grabbing a quick lunchtime bite, they want variety and delicious healthy options. As part of this, businesses need to ensure they offer a choice of different breads to suit different preferences and dietary needs. This is where we can help.

As the leading choice for bakery and bread supply in Merseyside, we know the importance of offering choice and variety and strive to uphold this at all times, expanding our product range so we can continue to bring you the very best. We supply an extensive range of sliced bread products from leading manufacturers including a varied selection of brown and wholemeal options.

We carry a range of Warburtons sliced bread options including Barch Baked, and Stoneground wholemeal that is high in fibre and low in fat. The Farmhouse option offers fibre filled, soft grained slices which taste great and do you good. We also supply Hovis wholemeal bread, a heart healthy option that is naturally rich in wholegrain goodness. Additionally, we supply our own premier Bakestone range that includes wholemeal and brown medium sliced bread. We also have gluten free options so people who are intolerant do not have to miss out on enjoying delicious baked goods.

These are just a few of the wholemeal bread options we offer and we assure every establishment we work with of the high quality of our entire product range. Along with sliced bread options from major names such as Kingsmill and Robert’s Bakery, we also carry a varied selection of other products from morning goods to rolls to confectionary. When we are supplying bread products to your business, you can always be confident that you’ll have regular access to the healthy and delicious options your customers demand.