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Bread is a product which virtually everyone in the UK buys and uses, but that doesn’t mean they will settle for just any product. Patterns indicate that if customers are left feeling let down by unavailability or poor quality of staple diet items such as bread and milk, they will be likely to move to a different store for their regular shopping. We are here to help you avoid this and make sure your customers keep returning to you again and again for their daily shopping.

One of the simplest, easiest and most effective ways to understand what your customers want from you is to remember that you yourself are a customer. Think about an instance where you were left disappointed by a product – or lack of it – when visiting a shop. It’s safe to assume that you were left with a negative impression, and that you were not inclined to visit again. It is not unreasonable to think that if consumers do not have their bread requirements met by your shop, then they will simply find a different one that gives them what they want.

Balancing what your customers want and what you can realistically keep fresh in stock is a challenge, but one that we can help you meet. Choice is no longer limited to simply a white or brown loaf; we carry a catalogue of over eight hundred different bakery products, and the selection is only getting bigger. We know that your customers have ever-changing tastes and preferences, which is why we offer complete flexibility when providing bread supply in Yorkshire and beyond.

In this age of choice and competition, we don’t believe our customers should be tied into set orders for bakery products or be dictated to in terms of delivery times. We work in close co-operation with you to ensure you take delivery of the bread and bakery products you need and at the times which suit you best. We provide this level for each and every one of our valued clients, whether you require ad hoc, weekly or daily deliveries.