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It is estimated that approximately 1% of the population has Coeliac Disease. Classed as an auto-immune deficiency, the condition describes the inability of the small intestine to absorb gluten, a derivative of wheat, malt, oats, rye and barley. Gluten intolerance can be successfully managed by sticking to a completely gluten-free diet and the last few years have seen more people being diagnosed in adulthood as there has been an increase in awareness and available information about the condition. Additionally, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have penned recipe books and championed the possible health benefits of living gluten free whether you have been diagnosed as Coeliac or not.

Living gluten free of course means no bread products. This eliminates pastries, cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, buns and any other baked goods containing wheat. Adapting to gluten free eating may seem like a challenge at first, but there are fortunately a wide range of free from products available making it easy to enjoy delicious bread products and still acquire essential fibre.

Along with our wide selection of products, we offer a speciality range for those avoiding gluten and other ingredients. There was a time when the majority of gluten free food selections primarily offered sweet goods, but your gluten free consumers and customers can now enjoy a varied, balanced, safe and nutritional diet.

Our product range enables people to indulge in all their favourite meals from sandwiches and toast to wraps, pizzas and garlic bread baguettes. We supply everything from sliced bread products, malted cobs and tiger bloomers to sandwich thins and sweet lemon and poppy seeded muffins. We are pleased to offer the nutritious and divine Newburn range of speciality bread and baked goods.

Restaurants, cafes and eateries across the UK have recognised the importance of catering to gluten free customers and we offer a fantastic range to every establishment. If you are looking for reliable and affordable bakery supply in the North East and beyond, we offer a trusted service. We can arrange our deliveries to suit your schedules and we assure our customers of our punctuality and quality customer care.