Sliced bread has been voted the best thing since sliced bread

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According to surveys carried out by a series of independent food suppliers, the traditional Sunday roast is the nation’s favourite dish. The surveys also revealed the UK’s most indispensible food to be sliced bread. Almost a third of 2,000 shoppers surveyed said that sliced bread topped the list as the one food they would not be able to live without.

Sliced bread factors in to a whole host of much loved British meals such as tea and toast, lunchtime sandwiches, chip butties, soldiers to go with boiled eggs, fried bread for a full English, and much more. As much as bread is a major staple food, it is also a central ingredient in dozens of our favourite meals. This is why it’s absolutely essential that shops, cafes and other businesses always have access to a steady supply of fresh, tasty and high quality bread products for their customers. We can provide you with the perfect service for ensuring your business is always fully stocked.

Totalling over 800, our selection includes individual and multi packs of rolls, morning favourites such as muffins and hotplate picks including potato cakes and crumpets. We also provide a selection of nutritious and delicious gluten free sweet and savoury options along with our collection of confectionery favourites. Of course, we also offer a selection of the indispensible sliced loaves we are famous for, in a range of sizes to suit different requirements. Each bread product is baked to the highest standards using quality ingredients, ensuring that customers can enjoy a little touch of luxury in their favourite meals.

We are a leading name in bakery supply in Lancashire and across the North West, and we provide a flexible delivery service that suits the requirements and schedules of our customers. When you are working with us, you will never have to worry that your customers will be left without their favourite staples. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with those all-important bread products at affordable prices.