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The grocery market in the UK has changed dramatically in recent years, but it is not just online shopping that has had a big impact. Buying trends have shifted a great deal thanks to the boom in convenience shops. Big supermarket names like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s have all taken the move to open smaller shops in all kinds of accessible locations. When combined with other local shops, consumers now have easier access to many of the goods they need.

The result is that many shoppers are visiting larger supermarkets less frequently and are spending smaller amounts when they do because they can obtain all of the other items they need from a local store. This provides several benefits, particularly in terms of reducing wastage of perishable goods. People are now more likely to go to the convenience store to purchase the perishables they need such as bread, fruit and vegetables because the can buy them as and when they need them.

The trend has seen the number of convenience shops owned by large supermarket names treble since 1996. The success of these shops hinges on their location and the product range they choose to stock. The shops can typically only contain around 10-15% of the goods a large store can hold. If customers can’t find the things they want in this smaller range they will quickly head elsewhere.

Baked goods are amongst the most popular items bought at convenience shops. Managers need to ensure they have a suitable selection of products in stock and cater for the needs of their market. There will not be enough space to supply bread, rolls and other items from all of the brands you would expect in a large supermarket, so managers need to make a careful choice so they ensure they satisfy customers. This care also means their wastage will be reduced in the bargain.

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