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Bread remains one of the staples of the British diet, with households purchasing an average of 99 bread products every year. Approximately 12 million loaves are sold every day across the UK, so it is easy to imagine how hard producers have to work to keep up with this demand.

The huge volume of bread sold in the UK today is only possible because of modern production methods. In 1927 Otto Frederick Rohwedder successfully completed the first commercial machine capable of slicing and wrapping bread. His invention was installed in a bakery for the first time in 1928 and sales of sliced bread took off very quickly before spreading across the whole of the US. By 1933 sliced loaves were outselling unsliced. That was when the famous phrase was coined.

Sliced bread was first introduced in the UK in the 1930s when large bakeries invested in the technology. The market behaved just like the US when the loaves were introduced with their popularity soaring and overtaking unsliced loaves very quickly. Fast-forward to the current day and 80% of the bread produced in the UK is pre-sliced and wrapped courtesy of large producers.

There are several reasons why sliced bread became so popular in such a short space of time. The first is obviously that it was more convenient to buy a loaf that had already been cut to exact, equal slices. On top of this the fact that it was pre-wrapped helped to boost the shelf-life. When larger bakeries started mass producing bread the price also came down so the popularity grew even more as a result.

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